Ask anyone, love is my favourite thing. My style for these sessions is laid back and romantic. Think walking hand in hand through a field or snuggling up on the beach. Each session includes a 60 minute photoshoot and 30+ digital images.



These branding sessions are built for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators to share your story with the world. Each custom-designed session includes a 60 minute photoshoot at 30+ digital images.



Every family has their own quirks & giggles. I am not your girl if you're looking for formal portraits, but if you want to capture your families distinct personality - let's connect! Each session includes a 60 minute photoshoot and 30+ digital images.


Something different?

Don't see the package you're looking for? Contact me for a quote for the session you have in mind!



What if I am nervous to be in front of the camera?

No problem! No really. It's no problem at all. I give LOTS of direction (so you never have to wonder what to do with your hands). And I keep us moving and chatting throughout the session. I've been doing this for nearly 8 years so I know all the tricks for keeping you comfortable and calm in front of the camera.

When will we get our photos?

Generally I will go through the photos and edit them in 5-10 days. Then I will put all of the edited images into an online gallery for you to review and download your favourites - or all of them! If you need your photos sooner than 10 days from your photoshoot date, please communicate that with me prior to the photoshoot and we can discuss options.

What should I wear?

I recommend wearing something you feel comfortable in - and something you KNOW you look great in. The more confidant you feel, the more we can focus on having fun. A photoshoot is not the time to test out a new dress or something that you can't move around in. For colours, I generally suggest neutrals like grey, blue, green, tan, etc. Black or white is okay as long as it's not ALL black or white.